Trans Riot is a strategy game where you play as a group of poor, working class, and queer people. The city has neglected your neighbourhood, the cops are attacking you… and it’s time to fight back. Take control of the city in this turn-based strategy game with modern and historical scenario’s – like the Paris Commune. Easy to learn, a challenge to master.

Revolutionary strategy

Trans Riot is a revolutionary strategy game where you take control. The game subverts the usual god-games and puts you in the shoes of the downtrodden and the oppressed. Rise up and create a better world for everyone.

Today the city, tomorrow the world!

Play with friends

Cooperate with other oppressed groups – mutual aid benefits everyone! You can play all scenario’s – like the futuristic Urbo Polarizo or the historic Paris Commune – singleplayer or local multiplayer.

Friendly computer players talk with you and give you tips – and tell terrible jokes.

Extra! Newspapers!

All action is displayed on-screen in the strategic overview and in cut-scenes. But if you want, you can also see what the press writes about you – both the sympathetic press and the capitalist media.

Trans Riot is currently in development – a downloadable alpha version is planned for January 2021.

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